Sunday, June 3, 2012

What I Saw And What I Made

What a magnificent field of poppies! It is a good thing we have digital cameras - otherwise we would have needed rolls and rolls of film. Here is one of the photos I took before heading back to to studio to paint. Several of the images were viewed on my ipad and we discussed the good and bad design points of each before I composed the design for the painting. Most of the work was done alla prima with just a few defining edges completed when the piece had dried. 

This is what I saw

This is what I made

Travel Memories

What a wonderful trip with so many adventures and fun times exploring the countryside of Southern France. We marked our daily excursions with pins on the big map in our studio. Home base is the large red pin just below and left of the center.

One of our early trips took us to the market in Mirepoix and then on to Vals for a bit of painting.

Mary Anne was ready to paint!

Anne always picks a great spot to paint.

Doris is taking in the view and planning her sketch!

Isabelle in a quiet moment. Hard to believe that this is possible, she works to keep us happy every day.

On to Carcasonne by train for a day off

Carrie and Doris enjoying the ride while Eva and Margaret make plans for their lunch.

Minerve is one of my favourite places for painting and hiking.  Congratulations to everyone who trekked down to the Roman bridge and then on to the far side of the town.

Eva in her secret hideout painting poppies.

Carol found a shady spot for painting on a HOT day.

Deanna prepares a sketch of poppies.

Painters sharing a spot of shade along a pathway.

Marlene painted some wonderful poppies!

Linda A putting down some colour!

Doris isn't afraid of that big brush.

 Carrie mixing up a variety of reds.

A trip to the Sea!

Our trusty vans hold loads of art stuff, chairs, water and most importantly our lunches.

I think this boat was put here just for us to paint.


Anyone for a bit of sun, sand and salt water?

What an Adventure to explore the caves  - Grotte de Nuix and then on to a cafe' in Foix.

What a view from the mountain!

Sometimes you don't need to look very far to find inspiration. The last bit of wisteria blooms still clung to the vines just down an alley outside of Le Monastere in Limoux.

Studio time....

...or find a spot in the courtyard to work on your masterpieces.

Alet les Bain and the most magnificent tree was our destination



We will make a watercolour painter out of Marilyn yet!

There is so much to see in this beautiful village.

Isabelle and Clement hard a work. How wonderful for them to share a passion for painting.

Rennes le Chateau and a history talk with Chris

We had a wild day with a grand stormy sky that caused the landscape to shift and change every moment.

Clement working on his masterpiece. I think he is working on a theme.

Margaret breathing-in the amazing splendour of the view.

 Photographs just can't capture the magnificence of the Gorges de Galamus


This pix is for Margaret.

Now here is a bit of colour!

High in the hills - one of my favourite photos.